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Correct use of candles

ATTENTION to the safe burning instructions for candles

Candles should be used with care and basic safety rules should be followed to avoid fire.

• Never leave candles burning unattended. Before use, remove any packaging and adhesive label from the candles.
• Keep children and pets away from burning candles.
• Candles must be burned upright, placed in a suitable stable candlestick. Place the candlestick on a stable non-burning surface.
• Do not burn candles near curtains or other flammable objects. Do not place lit candles near flammable materials.
• Do not move candles that are burning or still hot.
•Burn candles away from other heat sources. You protected the burning candles from the sun's rays.
• Always leave a distance between candles burning at the same time (the minimum distance for safe burning depends on the type and size of the candles).
• Cut the wick to 1cm. before turning it on. If the candle smokes, extinguish it and cut the wick.
• Burn in a well-ventilated area, but place the candles away from drafts.
• Do not burn a candle for many hours continuously (the maximum continuous burning time is from 1 to 4 hours, depending on the diameter of the candle).
• Do not burn a candle to the end. Blow it out when 1 to 5 cm remains (depending on the type and diameter of the candle).
•To avoid damaging the surfaces, always place the candles and candlesticks on a surface that will not be damaged by heat, e.g. ceramic tiles or plates. Pay attention to the tablecloths.
• Lamps and other candles decorated with fabrics, dried flowers and other objects must be extinguished in time, before there is a danger of these objects catching fire.
• To extinguish a candle cover the flame with a suitable candle extinguisher. Do not blow to extinguish it. Never use water.
- In no case do not let the candles burn without your supervision.
- Extinguish the candles 1-2cm before they reach the base.